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Best-Selling Box Mod Chip Jomo Vapioneer H3, smoke electronic cigarette hookah shisha pen water filtration vape,with TPD certificate Wholesale to Angola


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We are proud of the high customer satisfaction and wide acceptance due to our persistent pursuit of high quality both on product and service for Best-Selling Box Mod Chip Jomo Vapioneer H3, smoke electronic cigarette hookah shisha pen water filtration vape,with TPD certificate Wholesale to Angola, Competitive price with high quality and satisfying service make us earned more customers.we wish to work with you and seek common development.

Global first portable e liquid vaporizer with water filter installation Vapioneer H3 is finally coming, it comes with replaceable coil head, large vapor, perfect flavor experience, what’s more, the harmful substances can be filtered out during smoking to keep smokers healthy.

kit include:

1* Vapioneer H3 Device

1* User Manual

1* Brush

1* extra glss tube

1* Silicone parts 

1* gift box001

H3- 800H3- 800 06H3- 800-8H3-800_04H3-800_05Device Protection: 

1. Low voltage protection 

The button led will flash in red 8 times to indicate the battery should be charged when the working voltage is below 3.3V.

2. Low resistance protection :

The button led will flashes in white 5 times when the device working bellow 0.2Ω.Meanwhile, the whole system will cut off and stop output.

3. Short circuit protection :

The device will alter when the output terminal short circuited and the button led will flash in white 3times. At this time,oil cannot be used.

4. Overtime use protection :

Long button press each time, the device can only work for 20S. After 20S ,the button led will flash 10 times to indicate overtime use and the system will stop output. After the button light stop flashing, it can be switched on to work again. 

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    My experience delving into watercooling using the Alphacool Eisberg to start a custom loop.
    Start – Intro and brief Eisberg overview
    0:56 – Parts
    02:19 – Loop Building – Step 1
    02:25 – Loop Building – Step 2
    02:33 – Loop Building – Step 3
    03:18 – Loop Building – Step 4
    03:49 – Loop Building – Step 5
    04:26 – Loop Building – Step 6
    04:59 – Trouble ahead
    05:51 – Guess I’ll rebuild it then
    06:03 – Rebuilt priming, leak testand volt comparison
    07:15 – Idle Noise with side panel on
    07:40 – Idle Noise with side panel off
    08:59 – Coretemp Idle Temps
    09:10 – Fans @ 100% (Side panel On) with temps
    10:02 – Conclusions with COretemp and Prime95 screen shots
    @ 10:17

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