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Vaporizer Pen Kaskus Jomo Vapioneer H5,global first water filtration electronic glass e vaporizer portable e hookah vaporizer Wholesale to Yemen


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With a sound business credit, excellent after-sales service and modern manufacturing facilities, we have earned an excellent reputation among our customers across the world for Vaporizer Pen Kaskus Jomo Vapioneer H5,global first water filtration electronic glass e vaporizer portable e hookah vaporizer Wholesale to Yemen, We are looking forward to establishing cooperative relationships with you. Please contact us for more information.

Jomo Vapioneer H5,global first water filtration electronic glass e vaporizer portable e hookah vaporizer

WHAT Vapioneer H5 GIVE YOU:

1.Portable e liquid vaporizer with water filter installation

2.The harmful substances can be filtered out during smoking to keep smokers healthier 

3.The water can be changed to be wine , beer , or even cococula while you smoking 

4. Liquid vape combine with water installation ,feeling like old hookah 

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Device Protection

  • Low voltage protection:

The button led will flash in red 10 times when the working voltage is below 3.3V. It indicates the battery needs to be charged.

  • Low resistance protection:

The button led will flashes in white 5 times when the device working below 0.2Ω.Meanwhile, the whole system will cut off and stop output.

  •  Short circuit protection:

The device will alter when the output terminal short circuited and the button led will flash in white 3 times. At this time, oil and hookah tobacco cannot be used.

  • Overtime use protection:

Long button press each time, the device can only work for 20S. After 20S, the button led will flash 10 times to indicate overtime use and the system will stop output. After the button light stops flashing, it can be switched on to work again.

  • Battery reverse protection:

The device will not work when battery loaded reversely.

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  • Love this pipe, wish it wasn’t so pricey. Like I said in the video, everyone has a vape budget, so if this is something that you might want to get into, weigh your options and see what you can afford.

    If you already have a kick ( or two ) then that will bring the price of the whole set up down a little bit.

    the good? it’s a nice pipe, the kick option is fantastic and provides plenty of power. The tanks work well, with the exception of a few junky smoktech cartomizers I went through.

    The form factor is nice. It feels nice to vape. If you already have a Jazz you can get the tank kit , which is an extension adapter, tank, and tank mouthpiece for $45

    The bad? it’s pricey… there is no to ways about it , this exact set up will cost you some extra jingle. The batteries it uses are not amazing. the 18350′s I have are just under 900mah , which is ok… but not amazing. ALWAYS use IMR batteries if you are using a Kick.

    thanks so much for watching everyone!!

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